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Living More With Less

  • Living More With Less House
    am not sure if I'll go to that extent of downsizing. My husband once told me that I keep buying stuff and over time I have stocked up a warehouse of goods (and of course a pile of credit card debts). In the end, we need to look for a bigger house (with bigger mortgage payments) to put our stuff. I need to 'de'stress' myself, and 'getting rid of things' is a major step I have to take.

Parenting Sites

  • Imperfect Parenting
    My child is a picky eater. I have learnt to introduce varieties on his diet. Variation in the presentation of the food counts. A pasta twist versus a multi-colored pasta twist etc. Sometimes, we need to give in as parents :- allow our child to eat something that he likes/enjoys to eat. My husband and my mom has often asked me to cut back on junk food, but I allow my toddler to have a little snack time before dinner and his favorite chocolate pudding after dinner.
  • Raising A Child In A Bicultural Environment
    What is interesting about this is that I have been receiving conflicting viewpoints about introducing the second language to my child. One school of thought suggests that it's absolutely confusing for a child and it'll delay his speech while another school of thought suggests that it helps to stimulate and challenge the child's brains. I am effectively bilingual and I have not been introduced to my 2nd language until age 6.
  • We are not bad parents, just that we are raising a spirited child
    I cannot agree more with what the author has to say. My child would get so involved in one activity and he's the nicest kid around the block until we try to transition him into the next activity. My husband thinks that's 'tantrum'. I am so glad that I've found a professional term for that, and that's merely being 'spirited'! Adults have their moments too, so why can't our little ones be allowed a little space to exhibit behaviors as such?
  • Permissive parenting: A guide for the science-minded parent
    There is a difference between being lenient and permissive. In my opinion, I can be lenient to my child when he makes a mistake and it only impacts himself, but I would not permit him to disrupt other kids' lives. At the same time, I am a protective parent. I do not allow other kids to disrupt my kid's life.

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